Discover the Union Canal by bike

The Union Canal provides a great route in and out of Edinburgh, ideal if you commute by bike, but also great for an excursion or to keep fit.

The canal towpath is open to cyclists, but watch out for the bumps and narrow sections.

Safe cycling

  • Alert walkers by ringing your bell and always give way to walkers.
  • The towpath is often only 1m wide, and can be wet and uneven. Take extra care. It is being upgraded and widened in sections.
  • Dismount at all road crossings, bridges, aqueducts and blind bends and at canal weirs, including cobbled weirs.
  • Tandem bike users – please be aware that you will need to dismount and lift your bike through the gates, as they are not wide enough to cycle through.
  • Do not speed, speed causes accidents!

Your local waterway office

Scottish Canals
Canal House
1 Applecross Street
G4 9SP
T: 0141 332 6936