Almond Feeder

Investigative works to the embankments of the Almond Feeder, the main water supply to the Union Canal, are set to begin in 2018/2019.

Opened in 1822 the Almond Feeder is the only formal water supply to the Union Canal. Just 3km in length the Almond Feeder was constructed similar to a canal as an open channel with four masonry tunnel on the route.

Canal feeders across the network are routinely checked and in this instance visual signs of ground movements were identified raising concerns over the of stability of the structure. Since discovery, Scottish Canals has worked with external consultants and partners including Glasgow University to confirm the movement of the ground and model its affect to determine the impact on the canal feeder, further works are now essential to protect the channel.

If the Almond Feeder water supply isn’t protected the Union Canal will de-water and cease to be operable causing major environmental, public, navigational and economic issues.

The initial stage of this project will include intrusive investigative works, stabilisation of the north side of the embankments, tree management to prevent blockage, protection works to prevent further corrosion and dredging.

This page will be updated as works progress.