Auchinstarry West Embankment

Works to address the ongoing erosion on the canal wall the towpath at Auchinstarry are due to begin in 2020.

A routine inspection identified a failure of a section of the canal wall at Auchinstarry on the Forth & Clyde Canal which had resulted in a partial collapse.

Initial investigations were undertaken on the site and further along the stretch of embankment between Auchinstarry and Twechar. The results identified other areas of potential failure in the future. A project will now be under taken to assess the full extent of the repairs required and to determine a solution which will protect the long term stability of the embankment.

Without undertaking these works to address the ongoing erosion on the canal wall the towpath, which is an essential active travel link, will become undermined and embankment would breach. The project will cover the areas between Auchinstarry and Twechar as one larger project to save on costs and disruption to all canal users.

This page will be updated as works progress.