Cobbinshaw Reservoir

Leakage repairs to protect this Cobbinshaw Reservoir Spillway from sub-surface erosion took place in 2018/2019. Work will continue to measure and evaluate the ongoing conditions of the reservoir.

Cobbinshaw Reservoir feeds the Union Canal via the Bog Burn, Murieston Water, and through Mid Calder to the Almondell Aqueduct and Lin’s Mill Canal Feeder which feeds into the canal just east of the aqueduct.

The reservoir is also a a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and is popular with wildfowl.

As part of our statutory obligations as reservoir owners, works are being undertaken to safeguard the integrity of the reservoir and manage risk to the wider public and downstream. The project will involve stopping the leakage through the spillway and along the downstream pipe route of the three siphons. The planned leakage repairs to the spillway are to protect this concrete structure from sub-surface erosion.

Update May 2020

We continue to measure and monitor the reservoir throughout 2020.

Update April 2019

Initial leakage repairs have been carried out on Cobbinshaw Reservoir. Work will continue to measure and evaluate the ongoing conditions of the reservoir to ensure the integrity and safety of is upheld.

Update October 2018

The Leakage Repairs contract has been awarded to MacKenzie Construction and the reservoir will be drawn down by 1.5m, with works starting on the 5th November. Site works are planned to start on the 19th November for two weeks.

This page will be updated as works progress.