Leamington Lift Bridge

An internal inspection and assessment to determine the current structural condition of Leamington Lift Bridge is set to get underway in 2018/2019.

Leamington Lift Bridge is a lift bridge that crosses the Union Canal near its terminus at Lochrin Basin in Edinburgh.

Built in 1906, the bridge is constructed from a wooden deck that can be raised between two gantries to give a clearance of 9 feet (2.7 m) below. Whilst the bridge is not open to cars, there is a lattice girder footbridge which allows pedestrians to cross when the deck is raised for boats. 

The bridge requires an internal inspection and assessment to determine its current structural condition. Dependant on the outcomes of the inspection, work may be required to replace certain sections of the bridge. We would also plan to replace the bridge control systems and pedestrian signals to current regulatory standards.

Update April 2019

Works on Leamington Lift Bridge began at the beginning of March 2019, and are expected to be completed by summer 2019. Repairs to the listed structure are being carried out by Amalgamated Construction Ltd.

A temporary footbridge has been provided to maintain access across the canal during these important works. The structure will be partially dismantled, some elements being removed for refurbishment off site, other elements retained and refurbished on site.

Update December 2018

Leamington Lift Bridge has received £350,000 of funding, awarded through Sustrans Scotland’s National Cycle Network Development Programme, funded by the Scottish Government. This funding will allow works to upgrade the lifting mechanism and create alternative pedestrian access across the canal while the bridge is closed to public access.

The towpath will remain open throughout the works and boats moored in the basin will get an opportunity to move through the bridge. Although the pedestrian access across the bridge may need to close at some point during the works, an alternative route will be available.

This page will be updated as works progress.