Gairlochy Jetty

After an inspection highlighted movement and defects on the timber structure, a replacement jetty at Gairlochy was designed to increase the life of the structure. Works were completed in May 2018.

The Caledonian Canal is one of the Highlands most popular visitor attractions with over 1,400 boats transiting the canal each year.

A recent inspection of Gairlochy Jetty highlighted movement and defects of this timber structure. A subsequent survey of the structure by the maintenance team uncovered that not only were the decking planks rotten but also the supporting superstructure of the jetty had widespread rot. The supporting timbers and decking were softwood and were life expired (approaching 20 years old).

Gairlochy Jetty was built to accommodate Commercial vessels and is part of the Large Craft Plan. There is a requirement for all commercial vessels to prepare an appropriate passage plan and under Port Authority Regulations and Scottish Canals’ Minimum Safety Standards, we must provide them with a safe berth should it be required in an emergency.

The replacement jetty has been designed in galvanised steel and GRP decking to increase design life and minimise maintenance burden and works to replace the jetty were completed in May 2018.