#CanalCareful Summer Safety Campaign

Scotland’s canals are an ideal location to spend time outdoors connecting with friends, family and the green and blue spaces across the canal network – especially in the warm summer months.

However it’s important to recognise there are still hazards and dangers present on and around the canals, even though the still, cool waters can be inviting on a hot day. This summer, our #CanalCareful safety campaign focuses on engaging primary school children, to educate and inform of the dangers of Scotland’s canals, and to encourage children to enjoy the canals responsibly.


Our key message is: STOP, THINK, ACT

STOP – pause for a moment to take in your surroundings

THINK – are there any visible hazards? Could there be any hidden dangers? Is what you are about to do safe?

ACT – continue only if it is safe to do so. Do you need move to allow others to pass? Is it safe to go into the canal to fetch a football?


We have created a digital school’s resource pack which teachers and parents are able to download and share with children. They include posters and worksheets and can be downloaded below.

If you’re a partner organisation, please take a look at How to Support Our Campaign below!