How to Support #CanalCareful

This summer, we are looking to engage with primary school children to educate and inform of the dangers of Scotland’s canals, and to encourage children to enjoy the canals responsibly.

Our campaign focuses on: STOP, THINK, ACT

STOP – pause for a moment to take in your surroundings

THINK – are there any visible hazards? Could there be any hidden dangers? Is what you are about to do safe?

ACT – continue only if it is safe to do so. Do you need move to allow others to pass? Is it safe to go into the canal to fetch a football?


How to support our campaign:

  • Share the link to our downloadable schools pack (found here)
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share/retweet our #CanalCareful posts
  • Use the hashtag #CanalCareful when sharing content online
  • Watch and share our #CanalCareful video here


Example social posts

“Planning on using the canals and towpaths this summer? Make sure you and your family are #CanalCareful by visiting @scottishcanals hub first:

“Stop, think and act this summer to stay #canalcareful – did you know @scottishcanals has lots of great resources to help keep you safe this summer:

For more information, please email