Business Plan 2019-2020

Find out about the Scottish Government’s policy for Scottish Canals, and our bold new vision.

As the custodians of Scotland’s canals, our aim is to maximise their use for the many by investing in our people and working with Scotland’s communities. Here we share with you how the plan continues to focus on the three key themes identified in our current Corporate Plan which you can see here.

As laid out in this Business Plan, we will continue to provide opportunities for locals and visitors alike to live, work, stay, be entertained, play, or escape and spend time with friends and family along the canal corridors – both on the banks and on the water. We want these valuable heritage assets to be vibrant, full of life, and at the centre of the communities they flow through – thriving with activity, people, boats and wildlife.

Read our 2019-2020 Business Plan here.

Notes to Editors

Business Plan 2019-2020

Scotland’s canals are a cornerstone of Scotland’s history and proud heritage. Whether you are passing through the city of Edinburgh, or the breath taking scenery of the Crinan Canal, you will always be drawn to the beauty and tranquility that Scotland’s canals have to offer.

The 2019-2020 Business Plan aligns to our ambitious and effective revenue generation forecasts, as well as the vital public support provided in our one year allocation from the Scottish Government – which will continue to support Scotland’s canals.

Find out about our Business Plan here.