Our Environment and Heritage

The environment and heritage of the canal network is integral to our role as guardians of the Scottish canals.

The canals are historically significant, having played an important role in the industrial revolution.  They have been designated as Scheduled Ancient Monuments, and many of their associated buildings are listed.

We understand the importance of the canal network’s built and natural environment, and through considered and sustainable improvement we are working towards Scottish Government objectives, and ensuring the canals are managed for the enjoyment of all.


As an essential resource for the canals and their environment, we measure water quantity and quality, and consider flood management, drainage and supply.

Heritage and landscape

The historic environment of the canal network includes the canals themselves, reservoirs, feeders, associated buildings and other structures (e.g. old winches, mooring bollards), archive documents and oral history.


Our focus is plants and animals and their habitats, protected species, managing invasive species and enhancing habitats.


This includes any substances, materials or items which the business wishes to dispose of; reduction of waste produced and minimising waste to landfill and maximising reuse and recycling of waste.

Other resources

Other resources we consider include energy, building material and timber.

Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse (COPLAR)

Find out more about our adherence to COPLAR here.

Nesting birds

Between March and July you might spot birds nesting alongside the canals.

We adapt our grass-cutting to leave nesting birds undisturded, and we ask that you enjoy watching them without disturbing them.