Avon Aqueduct on the Union Canal near Linlithgow, in autumnal colours.. It is 810 feet (250 m) long and 86 feet (26 m) high; it is the longest and tallest aqueduct in Scotland, and the second longest in Britain .©peter Sandground Crinan Classics
Fast Facts

Fast Facts!

With the Scottish canals on your doorstep, improve your knowledge and check out these fascinating facts!

Fast Facts

Waterway Miles

There are five Scottish canals, together making 137 linear miles of waterway network:
60 miles - Caledonian Canal
9 miles - Crinan Canal
35 miles - Forth & Clyde Canal
2 miles - Monkland Canal
31 miles - Union Canal

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Between them, the canals contain 7,766 ML (megalitres) of water

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The Scottish canals are supplied by 19 reservoirs, holding a total of 18,304 ML of water

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Lochs and locks!

We have the navigation rights to four lochs, including Loch Ness

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We are guardians of:
1,500 hectares of land and water
90 locks
98 road bridges
77 accommodation bridges
50 foot bridges
8 railway bridges
2 towpath bridges

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Millions of visitors!

Over 22 million people visit the Scottish canals each year

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The Falkirk Wheel

The world's first - and only - rotating boat lift is The Falkirk Wheel , which links the Union and Forth & Clyde Canals.
The Falkirk Wheel is 35 metres tall, the equivalent of 8 double decker buses stacked on top of each other!