Lowland Canals User Groups

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Upcoming User Groups:

We have listened to our customers and following feedback, will be holding evening meetings on each canal once a year. As a result the meeting in April has been moved to later in the year.

Forth and Clyde Canal User Group

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Union Canal User Group 

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Previous minutes:

Review of Meetings:

We have been reviewing the number and range of meetings which currently take place between Scottish Canals and our boating community in the Lowlands each year.

Our Boaters’ Surgeries were introduced to allow discussion on operational matters with key Scottish Canals staff’ representing various departments within the organisation. In addition to these, we have also been meeting with the Lowland Canals Association, who represent boaters, and senior management have continued to meet the Lowland Canals Volunteer Group, which has representatives from all the canal societies. Two Lowland Customer Forums also took place each year on Saturday mornings.

A considerable amount of time is spent preparing presentations, producing minutes, reviewing actions and bookings rooms for all these meetings which have not been all well attended. With that in mind, we believe we can create a more productive and conducive environment for all of us to share ideas about improving the canal experience for everyone and that the following will achieve the results we all need:

  • Executive-level attendance at the Lowland Canals Volunteer Group meetings every two months for high-level sharing of information and collaboration
  • Senior representatives to attend a meeting with the Lowland Canals Association once every six months for a high-level discussion and collaboration
  • An annual public user group meeting on each of the Forth & Clyde and Union Canals to give a progress report on the two meetings above and to foster an open discussion/Q&A session where customers can raise operational matters and Scottish Canals can report back on actions achieved
  • A member of the Customer Operations team will continue to spend a day each fortnight working at locations across the Lowlands. They will continue to write to customers in advance so they have the opportunity to drop in and raise any issues with her in person, or via email
  • Regular customer newsletters
  • Social media and an ‘open door’ approach for issues which arise

These changes will be introduced immediately, with the Lowland Customer Forum to be replaced with specific Forth & Clyde and Union Canal User Group in 2018. We are currently confirming quarterly meetings with the LCA and will continue to attend the LCVG. All dates, presentations, minutes and actions will continue to be available on the Customer Hub.