In 2016/2017, Scottish Canals carried out a consultation and commissioned two independent specialist consultants (Gerald Eve and GVA) to conduct a pricing consultation along Scotland’s canal network in order to develop a process for determining and evaluating the rates of residential and recreational moorings, transit, and navigation licences.

The fees for residential and recreational moorings, transit, and navigation licences were changed for the first time in 2017. During the consultation, it was decided that a pricing review would take place every five years, with the first one taking place in 2021/2022.
We’ve begun our 2021 review, which will follow the same process and take into account changes in market circumstances, available capacity, and infrastructure investment before proposing market pricing. Scottish Waterways for All is assisting us in obtaining an accurate picture of the facilities along the network.
To conduct the review, Scottish Canals has hired two independent specialist consultants: The Tourism Resource Company for the leisure industry and Gerald Eve for the residential market. We expect to get their draft report early next year and will notify customers as soon as possible.