Third Party Works

A third party wishing to undertake work on our ground or within the canal environment is required to make contact with us at the beginning of their planning process. We have produced a Code of Practice to ensure the protection of the Scottish canals.

If a third party wishes to undertake work on our ground or within the canal environment they are required to make early contact with:

Customer Initial Enquiry Pack

Our initial enquiry pack contains all the documentation you will need to make your request to us.

Please download and complete this pack, then email to  Requests will be carefully considered, and we will then advise you if, or how, work may proceed.

Code of Practice

Scottish Canals have produced a Code of Practice which:
  • Provides guidance and procedures to Developers, Local Authorities, Statutory Undertakers and their consultants, Contractors, Voluntary groups Householders or any other individual wishing to carry out Works for their purposes, which affect the Waterways.  This Code safeguards the interests of Scottish Canals in protecting the Waterway
  • The Code developed from a British Transport Commission Document.  Prior to 1995 it was known as the Requirements and Conditions for Works affecting British Waterways and earlier still as Procedure 4.  It is accepted as the industry standard for works affecting navigable waterways.
  • The Code is subject to periodic review and Promoters should satisfy themselves that their copy of the Code is the most up to date issue.  It is an uncontrolled document.

The canals in Scotland have been scheduled as Ancient Monuments and as such approval will also be required from Historic Scotland for any work proposed. Scheduled Monument Consent (SMC) will have to be applied for and granted by Historic Scotland.  You can call Historic Scotland directly on 0131 668 8600.