Volunteer Management

We enjoy working with volunteers right across the Scottish canals – while we benefit from their time, commitment, enthusiasm and expertise, volunteers gain unique experience, develop new skills and make a real difference in their communities.

Our policies are under review – They will be published here once formally adopted.

We work closely with partner organisations and their volunteers – there are lots of opportunities for volunteers to get involved, and these can be classed under five key areas of activity:

  • Interpretation and Promotion tasks – for example leading and assisting with schools visits, organising events, community boating
  • Practical tasks – for example hedge-laying, vegetation and litter clearance, habitat creation, access improvement, restoration tasks, archaeological digs
  • Recording and Monitoring tasks – for example heritage recording, inspections, biodiversity monitoring
  • Supporting our customer service teams – for example towpath rangers, education visits
  • Project Management, research and Administrative tasks – for example searching through archives for information, making sure the activities mentioned above happen.

We have a duty of care for all those on the Scottish Canals, and in order to ensure we act responsibly with regard to this we have a volunteer management process in place. This means that risks to volunteers and Scottish Canals are minimised, while still allowing volunteers to enjoy the experience of working on our network.

Interested in Volunteering?

If you want to help make a difference, and support our beautiful, vibrant canal network, why not check out Scottish Waterways Trust’s volunteering projects?

Many projects will involve developing your skills or learning something new, and are a great opportunity for personal development.