Crinan Canal West Gate Surveys

The Crinan Canal is one of Argyll & Bute’s most popular visitor attractions with over 1,600 boats transiting the canal each year.

Scottish Canals has a prioritised asset management programme for all lock gates in Scotland, based on condition and risk. The full Crinan Canal has been identified as priority for gate replacement due to condition, age and criticality. Upgrading and replacement of the lock gates along the canal is vital to maintain the navigation of this historic waterway and any failure during operation could lead to serious health and safety implications.

As part of this future-proofing of the Crinan Canal, we will be undertaking surveys and design works along the west stretch of the canal in within our stoppage programme for 2020-21.

Surveys for Locks 7 to 15 will take place between November 2020 and February 2021. During this time the canal will be closed to navigation, and there may be restrictions in the towpath.

This page will be updated as works progress.