Glasgow to Edinburgh Canoe Challenge

Will you accept the challenge to paddle from the centre of Glasgow to the centre of Edinburgh along the Forth & Clyde and Union Canals to help raise funds for Kidney Cancer Scotland?

You can either paddle alone or work in a team of up to 12 paddlers, in Singles, Doubles or Fours, Kayaks or Canoes, and the Open Team Relay class allows up to 12 people to paddle in any combination of canoe and/or kayak.

The event is over two days with set stages.

  • Day 1 – Forth & Clyde Canal from Speirs Warf, Glasgow to Falkirk Wheel, c. 24 miles.
  • Day 2 – Union Canal from above Falkirk Wheel to Lochrin Basin, Edinburgh, c. 31 miles

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Points of Interest

Use the legend to find things to do around the Forth & Clyde Canal, and Union Canal