Gongoozler: An Exhibition by Lesley Banks

Scotland’s first-ever canal artist-in-residence has captured the spectacular sights of the nation’s inland waterways on canvas and is inviting the public to go ‘gongoozling’ as the first exhibition of her work opens on May 6th at the Park Gallery in Falkirk.

Entitled ‘Gongoozler’ – a term for someone who takes joy from watching the world, and one or two boats, pass by on canals – the exhibition marks the culmination of a 15-month residency that saw artist Lesley Banks travel the Forth & Clyde, Union, Monkland, Caledonian and Crinan Canals creating paintings that celebrate the environments and stories of Scotland’s 250-year-old waterways.

The exhibition will run until June 25th at Park Gallery at Callendar House, Callendar Park, Falkirk. More information is available at www.falkirkcommunitytrust.org/venues/park-gallery.