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From towpath races by boot and bike to colourful canal boat flotillas and vibrant festivals, Scotland's waterways are fantastic locations for all kinds of events.

Please use this form to tell us about your event plans. While you’re responsible for ensuring that your event is a success and, more importantly, occurs safely, this form helps our team to make sure your plans are suitable for your chosen location and doesn’t clash with any other events. This form also allows us to assess whether you’ll require any involvement from our staff.

To ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible, please follow this timescale:

  • at least three months prior to your event – gather all the information needed to complete this form fully and take a tour of your site or walk your intended route.
  • at least six weeks before your event – complete this form in full and submit it along with copies of your risk assessment and proof of appropriate insurance cover

For larger events, your risk assessment and insurance may be included in an event plan and event safety plan.

Please complete all the relevant sections for your event. The information you provide will be used to respond to your enquiry and processed in line with our Privacy Policy.

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  • If permission is granted for this event, I hereby agree to comply with Scottish Canals’ terms & Conditions for use of Scottish Canals’ property to hold an event, the conditions set out in this form and all reasonable instructions given by all authorised Officers of Scottish Canals.