Perambulation of the Marches 2018

The evening of Wednesday 13 June 2018, will see the fifth Perambulation of the Marches, organised by Linlithgow Civic Trust.

Linlithgow is one of Scotland’s most ancient Royal Burghs, and a tradition dating back to the 16th century is the annual Riding of the Marches, on the first Tuesday after the second Thursday in June. This involves the inspection of the extremities of the burgh’s interests, including those at Linlithgow Bridge and at the port of Blackness. The Perambulation of the Marches complements the official Riding of the Marches, giving townsfolk and visitors alike the opportunity to walk the line of a recorded boundary (or ‘marches’) of the Royal Burgh – in this case the Parliamentary Boundary as established in 1832.

The Perambulation of the Marches is an event open to all. The walk is 4 miles (6.5 km) long, and passes by seven out of eight march stones (one original and seven replicas, installed in 2014) marking the old boundary. The walk passes many features of historical or architectural interest. Two of the March stones are located on the Union Canal Towpath. The Perambulation of the Marches starts at 7pm at March Stone No. 1 in front of St Ninian’s Craigmailen Church in Falkirk Road and proceeds in a clockwise direction round the route.

Download a copy of the route map here.

Points of Interest

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