The Kelpies Lighting Request

Please note due to Covid-19, all Kelpies lighting requests are currently suspended.

All affected organisations have been alerted, and we look forward to lighting The Kelpies up for the worthwhile causes once again when normal operations can resume.


As one of Scotland’s most iconic landmarks, The Kelpies are frequently asked to support a wide range of events and occasions, from charitable awareness days to sporting achievements, usually by displaying a certain colour on a given date in coordination with other landmarks.

We receive a huge number of lighting requests each month but unfortunately are unable to support all of them. In order to ensure we don’t diminish the impact of lighting The Kelpies and, in turn, the benefits to the good causes we support, we try to limit our light ups to once per month. See below for available months. 

In order to assist in the decision making process, please complete the form below so we can consider your request. If The Kelpies have been lit up for your cause previously, please note that we will be unlikely to grant your application in order to use the sculptures to promote as many causes as possible.

Upcoming Lighting

  • February – Thursday 27th – Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal 2020
  • March – Thursday 26th – Epilepsy Scotland – cancelled
  • April – Thursday 9th – Parkinsons UK – cancelled
  • May – Available
  • June – Available
  • July – Available
  • August – Available
  • September – Available
  • October – Available
  • November – Available
  • December – Available


The information you provide below will be used to respond to your enquiry and processed in line with our Privacy Policy.

    Please submit your request at least two months prior to your requested date. Requests received outwith this timeframe are unlikely to be able to be granted.