Caledonian Canal reopened

Friday 15th June


As the weather conditions have improved, the sea locks and Laggan Locks have re-opened and normal boat traffic movements have resumed.

Thursday 14th June


The closures remain in place due to the high winds, however we hope to reopen the sea locks and Laggan Locks tomorrow morning, and for the hire boat fleets to be on the move again.


For safety reasons due to strong gusting winds, the Caledonian Canal sea locks and Laggan Locks are currently closed to all boat traffic.

At the request of hire boat operators, all hire boats have been asked to stop moving and as all berths at Fort Augustus and Kytra Locks are currently full, boat traffic is not moving in that area.

We will review the situation throughout the day, although the forecast shows strong winds due to continue through most of the morning and afternoon.

This page will be updated with  further information as it becomes available.  You can also follow us on Twitter @ScottishCanals for updates.

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