Caledonian Canal – Restrictions lifted at Clachnaharry Sea Lock

Updated 24th March

The lock gates have now been craned back in to position and Clachnaharry Sea Lock is now fully operational. We will be open from 8.30am on Monday 27th March, when the canal begins its spring hours and 7 day operations.

Updated 23rd March

Based on current weather forecasts and crane availability, the Clachnaharry Sea Lock gates are now due to be reinstalled on Friday 24th March, which means that the sea lock will not be available for use that day.  We anticipate the Sea Lock being available again at 8.30am on Monday 27th March, when the canal begins its spring hours and 7 day operations.

17th March

Due to overrunning works and weather-related delays it is now unlikely that the Clachnaharry Sea Lock gates will be craned back into position on Monday 20th March and it will be necessary to wait for a window of calm weather to carry out the works safely.

Without this set of sea lock gates, it will still be possible for vessels to enter the canal at Clachnaharry next week once per day, at high tide, however because of low water levels associated with neep tides, there will be a vessel draft restriction of 2.5m (fresh water). The locking process itself will also be much extended due to the need to change the water level in the whole sea lock reach rather than simply the lock chamber.

Skippers of vessels wishing to enter or exit the canal at Clachnaharry on w/c 20th March are therefore asked to contact the Sea Lock Keeper on 07920 237331 at least 24 hours in advance of arrival so that suitable arrangements can be agreed.

Further updates will be added to our website as they are available about when the lock gates will be reinstalled.

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