Caledonian Canal Swing Bridges reopened to boat traffic

Friday 27th July, 3.30pm

Aberchalder and Laggan Swing Bridges are now fully operational.

Friday 27th July, 1.50pm

Due to heat-related expansion of the bridge structures which means operators cannot be certain that the bridges would close properly when swung, Tomnahurich and Muirtown Swing Bridges have been closed to boat traffic for the remainder of the afternoon. As rain and lower temperatures are forecast for this evening we hope to resume normal operations tomorrow morning.

Friday 27th July, 11.30am

BEAR Scotland, supported by Scottish Canals, are investigating operating difficulties with Aberchalder and Laggan Swing Bridges, which are suspected to be as a result of the high temperatures in the area yesterday and today. Boat traffic has been halted whilst these investigations are carried out and we will update as soon as we know what, if any, mitigating action can be taken to get the bridges operating normally.

We will continue to monitor the bridges and this page will be updated with further information. You can also follow us on Twitter @ScottishCanals for updates.

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