Scotland’s 250-year-old waterways are full of #CanalMagic

From uphill swimming races to bustling canal festivals and Willy Wonka-inspired recreations of The Falkirk Wheel, we’ve been showcasing everything that makes Scotland’s canals magical places throughout the Year of Innovation, Architecture & Design!

Where do you find your #CanalMagic?

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Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design

The Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design 2016, running from 1 January to 31 December, is a celebration of Scotland’s beautiful built heritage, culture and environment, alongside the contemporary and cutting-edge designs of today.

Without Scotland, the television, telephone and even the raincoat may never have become part of our everyday lives. Our buildings give an authentic sense of place and our designers create high quality products to inspire the world.

So whether you want to discover the innovation behind Andy Scott’s magnificent Kelpies, or enjoy the splendour of a bygone era through Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s iconic creations, come and uncover Scotland – you may just be in for a surprise! #IAD2016

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