Closure at Erskine Ferry Road Bridge

Erskine Ferry Road Bridge is currently closed to boat traffic for ongoing investigations in advance of the summer boating season.

We are currently looking at options to operate the bridge during the coming season but expect that there will be some restrictions needed due to additional staff required.

Please continue to monitor our ongoing works page and contact Boat Movements via 07810794467 if you are affected.


Update 20th April 2022

We will be undertaking emergency repair works to Erskine Ferry Road Bridge from Monday 25th – Saturday 30th April 2022. The hours of working, where the bridge will be closed to all traffic will be 7:00pm – 6:30am. In order to permit access to the homes and businesses on the river side of the bridge during business hours, these works must take place at night. During these times there will be necessary breaking out works which will be noisy. Our contractors will endeavour to carry out these works as early in the shift as possible to minimise noise disturbance. Thereafter, the new surface will be installed, in sections, to allow the bridge to be moved such that the road can open the following morning. In the event of emergency vehicles needing to cross the canal, we will stop works, move the bridge and reopen the road, however this will inevitably lead to an extension in the nights we will need to work on the bridge. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause but hope you understand the critical nature of these works as well as the timing.


Update 7th April 2022

Following investigations into repairs required on the Erskine Ferry Road Bridge, we can confirm that the works will get underway on Monday 25th April and are expected to be complete by early May. Throughout the repairs we will continue to offer passage for vessels but will be limiting this to one bridge opening per week. Bookings will be required through Boat Movements to manage demand. To book a passage please call 07810794467. Normal service will resume immediately on completion of the works.

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