Falkirk Wheel Winter Maintenance: 11th Jan – 5th Feb

Boat trips at The Falkirk Wheel will be unavailable between the 11th of January and the 5th of February as the structure’s annual maintenance works are carried out. The Visitor Centre will remain open Wednesday – Sunday (11am – 3pm) throughout the works.

The works will see the Wheel drained of water so the teams can inspect, lubricate, repair and, if needed, replace each of its thousands of mechanical parts.  With each rotation of the structure’s gondolas moving 500,000 litres of water, maintaining the Wheel’s water control systems is a priority, and the team will be working to ensure the attraction’s gates, sluices, sensor arrays and pumps are maintained and ready for another busy season.

The yearly works will also see the teams working with the designers of the attraction’s high-tech computer systems to maintain the programs that monitor, control and keep its operators fully informed so they can safely operate the one-of-a-kind boat lift.

Want to learn more about how we care for the world’s only rotating boat lift? Click here to see images of last year’s works.

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