Giant Strides Marine Tourism Strategy: Consultation on draft strategy

Giant Strides is the next evolution of the Awakening the Giant Marine Tourism Strategy and was launched in a draft format for consultation in the Scottish Parliament on 15 November. The first strategy has raised the profile of our industry on many levels in Scotland, received significant industry support and has been key to delivering new infrastructure, training, jobs, community involvement and awareness of Scotland as an international marine tourism destination.It’s the industry’s route to further increasing visibility and our support from Government, the Agencies, the public sector, ensuring common direction and ambitions that will be delivered over the coming five years. A lot of thought has been put into producing a deliverable strategy should increase the value and positive impacts of the industry. The final strategy will be launched in Glasgow on 5 March during the Scottish Tourism Month. Please take time to read and understand the draft and provide any comments and input you wish to make as soon as possible.

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