Kessock Bridge, Caledonian Canal – Reduction in Air Draft

Update:  27 June 2016 – Full charted air draft clearance has been restored

Bear Scotland have advised that all works in the navigational span of the Kessock Bridge have been completed.

The full carted air draft clearance of 29m (above MHWS) has been restored.


12 May 2016

The air draft of the Kessock Bridge will be reduced from 29m to 25.79m from 10th May until 29th July 2016.

Bear Scotland, on behalf of Transport Scotland, plan to erect two gantries over-side during this time, at the midpoint of the navigational span.

The essential works will see the replacement of all eight tuned mass dampers on the bridge and will be carried out at low water slack wherever possible.

A vessel named The Rosehaugh, will be on station for the duration of the works and be located immediately under the Day Marks.

Kessock Bridge, Centre Span, 57° 29.98’ N 04°13.82′ W   

All vessels transiting the bridge are asked to navigate with caution in he area until repairs are complete.

Any vessel with a height above sea level greater than 23 metres must contact the BEAR Scotland Major Bridges Manager on (44) 0787 682 5859 in sufficient time to warn BEAR Scotland personnel working under the bridge of the imminent arrival of said vessel.

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