Polwarth Moorings

We plan to install three new leisure moorings adjacent to Polwarth Parish Church and Harrison Park, Edinburgh, on the Union Canal.

We are currently working with Historic Environment Scotland to obtain consent. The area will then be dredged, as part of our on-going commitment, before the installation of the pontoons. These pontoons will not benefit from service bollards, so there will be no access to water or electricity.

The pontoons themselves will be recycled from other locations, and our in-house team will be carrying out the installation work.

Two of the three moorings will be used by either leisure craft as their permanent mooring or as visitor moorings for holiday makers and cruisers on the canal. Access to the third mooring will be dedicated to the Polwarth Church boat which they are fundraising for at the moment.

The moorings will be installed under Scottish Canals statutory power as navigation authority. There will be no residential or commercial use on any of the moorings.

See below for our proposed plan:

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