Restricted Access – Falkirk Tunnel

There will be some restrictions to access to the Falkirk Tunnel to both boating and towpath traffic on the following dates due to a new event taking place in the tunnel – Canal Theatre: The Resurrection.

The performances are 45 minutes long and will take place on the dates and times below. We would ask boaters to consider if they can make plans to fit around these times or, if this is not possible, to please be aware that a performance may be taking place as they pass through the tunnel and to please respect the actors – and audience’s enjoyment of the performance.

If you are in a position to tie up to allow the perfomance to take place, we would anticipate this would be for no longer than 30 minutes.

Performance times

2.30pm–5.30pm & 6.30pm-9.30pm on the following dates:

Friday 4th August

Saturday 5th August

Sunday 6th August

Friday 11th August

Saturday 12th August

Sunday 13th August

Friday 18th August

Saturday 19th August

Sunday 20th August

Friday 25th August

Saturday 26th August

Sunday 27th August

Monday 28th August

Friday 1 September

Saturday 2nd September

Sunday 3rd September

Towpath users should follow the marked diversion below during these times.


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