Scottish Canals Uncovers Nessie Food in Fort Augustus

Scottish Canals has discovered a batch of food, believed to have once been given to the Loch Ness Monster.

Dubbed ‘Nessie food,’ a container of the unusual concoction was uncovered in the depths of the old Caledonian Canal Centre during lockdown.

It’s thought that the unique foodstuff holds magical powers which come to life when submerged in Loch Ness. The legend goes that if you throw the food into the loch, you may be able to spot the Loch Ness Monster herself.

However, for Nessie to appear, the myth suggests that you have to follow three simple steps. The first step is to close your eyes and count to 10. Secondly, jump three times. The final step is to take a handful of the magic food and make a wish as you throw it into the loch.

The food was discovered just days before a Cruise Loch Ness boat picked up an elusive object in the loch using sonar technology. The mystery creature was detected 190 metres deep, measuring around 10 metres in length itself. The cryptic creature is thought to be Nessie herself, lurking in the depths to find her next meal.

“We couldn’t believe it at first. Deep in the darkest corner of our underground stores, right at the back, was a sparkling box.

“It wasn’t until we took it upstairs and into the daylight we could see that it was labelled Nessie food. Inside, along with the batch of food, was a worn, old note explaining what to do with the food and how to make a wish come true.

It’s a truly magical concoction and we hope it brings our visitors lots of good fortune and fun."

Alice Gibbs, Destination Manager at the Caledonian Canal Centre

The remainder of this rare Nessie food will be rationed out each day – enough to keep Nessie nourished and make multiple wishes come true. The Caledonian Canal Centre will give away 25 packets of food to the first 25 children who come in each day. Though there’s one catch – children must relay the secret password: “Nessie Nibbles.”

Nessie food will be available at the centre from Saturday 10th to Sunday 25th October, so don’t miss the chance to meet Nessie herself or the possibility of making your wishes come true.

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About Scottish Canals

Scottish Canals is responsible to the Scottish Government for the management and development of the Union, Monkland, Forth & Clyde, Crinan and Caledonian Canals. As well as the waterways themselves, Scottish Canals care for 251 bridges, 212 buildings, 256 locks, The Falkirk Wheel, The Kelpies and 19 water supply reservoirs in locations across Scotland. The reservoirs cover an area equivalent to 7,494 football pitches and supply the canals with the 332 million litres of water which flow through them each day.

About the Caledonian Canal Centre

The Caledonian Canal Centre in Fort Augustus is a world class visitor centre and destination hub.

The centre offers year-round facilities for visitors and locals, including information, a gift shop promoting locally-sourced goofs and a café serving homemade, Scottish produce.

Visitor interpretation is incorporated throughout the centre, unlocking the wealth of local heritage and internationally renowned local features of the Caledonian Canal, Great Glen and Loch Ness.

Seven holiday rooms are also available to let for guests who want to make Fort Augustus their base. These are bookable via Airbnb, and Expedia.

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