Sharing Locks and Water Conservation on the Crinan Canal

Due to the continued dry weather Scottish Canals would ask that those on passage conserve water by sharing locks with others.

In particular we would ask that you maintain groups on the flights between locks 5 and 13 so that we may minimise the water drawn from the summit reach.

We may be required to hold single vessels for a short period to make effective use of the lock. Where a single craft “splits” from a group that vessel may also be held for a period to join another locking.

We also request that no boats stop overnight between locks 5 and 8 or between 11 and 13. This enables us to adjust water levels as necessary in the early morning or late at night with minimum disruption to visitors.

We will endeavour not to cause undue delay and hope that your co-operation will help us maintain levels of service throughout the summer period.

Vessels with Deep Draught

Scottish Canals are unable to guarantee passage to vessels with draught over 2.2m. Every effort will be made to accommodate such vessels prior notice is essential but due to limitations in water supply passage may be subject to delay while the levels in the long reaches are built up to ensure a safe passage.

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