The Falkirk Wheel & Rotate

Scottish Canals has been considering how we can offer more opportunities for visitors to experience The Falkirk Wheel, in particular those who don’t have time to take a boat trip up on to the Union Canal.

Our plans are still at an early design stage and we are currently in the process of carrying out a full design review of this project. Once this has progressed enough, we will let our customers and stakeholders know. The early concept is for a floating, non-fixed platform for use at different times of the year that accommodates boat movements.

If the project is progressed, Rotate will not change the nature of The Falkirk Wheel or prevent the navigation of the Lowland Canals. The biggest impact of Rotate is likely to be that we ask boating customers to follow the booking procedure which already exists but isn’t always adhered to.

Should the review flag up more major impacts, we will ask for customer feedback before making a decision.

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