Situation updates

Update Wednesday 24 August 2022 (next update 7th Sept)

Our maintenance team have been busy restoring gates at Lock 8, to ensure that the Forth & Clyde Canal can be enjoyed for the rest of the season.

These works are now complete and we are lifting the current restrictions between Lock 16 & Lock 3.

We will continue to closely monitor water levels and will provide a minimum of two weeks’ notice of any new restrictions introduced.

Update Tuesday 2 August 2022

As the period of warm and dry weather continues across Scotland, we have been working to control water levels so that navigation can continue on the canals with as little disruption as possible.

The biggest pressure point we have continues to be at the eastern section of the Forth & Clyde Canal, between Lock 16, Camelon and The Kelpies. From Tuesday 19th July we began our plan to conserve water by restricting trips through the Falkirk flight. These restrictions remain in place and will be continually reviewed. Any changes to restrictions will be posted here.

At present, sea to sea transit is maintained and should be booked through the boat movements team as normal.

18 July 2022

As a result of this prolonged period of hot and dry weather our water holding capacity (water reserves) on the Lowland Canals is coming under pressure. Leakage issues through and around a number of historic lock gates on the Forth & Clyde Canal is compounding the issue. Repair works are now underway to help address the leakages and improve the situation, but this will take time.

Currently our operational team are struggling to maintain water levels at a number of locations, this is particularly an issue on the eastern side of the canal between Lock 16, Camelon and The Kelpies therefore to further conserve water we have taken the decision to restrict trips through the Falkirk flight from 12 noon Tuesday 19 July. Sea to sea transits will be maintained and should be booked through the boat movements team as normal.

If you require to move your boat ahead of the restriction please contact the boat movement team on 07810 794467 (8:30am-6pm) for assistance.

The restriction will be lifted as soon as it is safe to do so.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Notice to paddlers: The canal remains open for your enjoyment, we would however advise you to paddle on a different stretch of the canal where water levels are higher. When water levels drop, and during extreme heat, please remember to take extra caution when entering the waterway and whilst out paddling.