Firhill Community Activity Hub

Scottish Canals are looking for artists to submit graphic schemes to be added to an array of shipping containers at the new Community Activity Hub at Firhill Basin. This project would be ideal for student graphic artists or designers.

We’re looking for a graphic treatment to unify the containers and area, providing a point of interest and signing the location to the public. The graphics should convey the success of the clubs already located at the site, be extended to future users and containers as well as the wider aspirations of the area.

The intent is to capture the following:

Hub user’s aspirations:
  • Glasgow Kayak Club as a now thriving and successful addition to the community.
  • Other such water based and non‐water based activity to be housed at the site, eg British Rowing, Dot to Dot, these located within a common identity.
  • The support currently provided by Partick Thistle Football club, their long running association with the area and community programme.
  • Existing users of the towpath, including runners, cyclists, fishermen, walkers, commuters, nature watchers.
  • Scottish Canals desire to create as vibrant, visually cohesive base for activities in the Firhill area.
Wider aspirations:

It is anticipated that the commission will:

  • Respond to the community and its cultural context.
  • Signify regeneration.
  • Raise awareness of the inner city ‘s wildlife/natural elements.
  • Encourage active use of the area both on and off the water.
  • The graphics scheme should be applied to all exposed sides, and tops of the existing containers.
  • The graphics should be designed to allow a variety of container configurations, including 4 x containers side by side, (see illustration attached), but also be suitable to accommodate 5 x containers side by side, and also a grouping arrangement which might include a limited number of units,( i.e. one or two) in a stacked proposal.
  • The colours and design proposed should be chosen with a view to avoid encouraging antisocial behavior.
  • The design should be capable of being applied by transfer or by sign writing to the containers once these have been suitably cleaned and prepared.
  • The graphic scheme is intended to last for the life of the planning application, i.e. to 2021.

Download the full brief