Water Management

Scottish Canals’ waterway network holds an estimated 7,766 megalitres of water in canals and 18,304 megalitres of water in reservoirs. Our aim is to strive towards excellence in water management. We will embrace the principles of efficiency, demand management and sustainability in our plan to meet future demands for water.

Why choose canal water?

Treated water is not always required or desirable, nor is paying high drainage charges for clean water. Scottish Canals can provide a ‘take and return’ facility.

Our water is currently being used for a wide range of functions including:

  • Public water supply
  • Air Conditioning
  • Cooling, e.g. cables
  • Manufacturing, e.g. concrete, pottery, glass, etc.
  • Emergency fire protection
  • Supplying power stations

Canal water is competitively priced and is cost effective compared with mains water.

If you are interested in purchasing canal water please contact the Estates & Commerce Team on 0141 332 6936.

Scottish Canals’ waterway network holds an estimated 7,766 megalitres of water in canals and 18,304 megalitres of water in reservoirs.

Surface Water Drainage

The canal network offers an excellent drainage solution for surface water.  Drainage into the canal network offers developers, commercial practices and private individuals a cost efficient and sustainable way of managing water.
We will only accept clean surface water, and cannot accept foul, polluted or contaminated water. Discharges of trade or sewage effluent are not normally accepted on water quality and ecological grounds due to the relatively static nature of our waters.

In addition you will require a separate licence with us which includes standard clauses to ensure that issues of water quantity and quality requirements, as well as any construction issues, are properly addressed.

Surface water discharges to our network must also meet the current Scottish Environment Protection Agency best practice and statutory requirements for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS).

If you are interested in discharging water to the canal please contact the Estates & Commerce Team on 0141 332 6936.

Notes to Editors

Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership

Scottish Canals plays a dynamic role in this multi-agency partnership.

Working together, we’re creating innovative solutions to mitigate water issues and flooding across the metropolitan Glasgow area.

Providing solutions in turn leads to environmental improvements and the potential for economic growth in the area.

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