Tell us your tales of Ardrishaig and the Crinan Canal!

 We are transforming the historic disused building, known locally as the ‘Egg Shed’, into a new centre that tells of the story of Ardrishaig, the Crinan Canal, and the communities on its banks – and we need your help!  We are asking you, the local community, to delve into your family archives and share your photos, stories, and memorabilia with us to help us tell the story of Ardrishaig.

If you would like to contribute to this project then please read the information and guidance below.  You will also need to complete the attached Deposit Agreement Form and submit along with your contribution.

Guidance for Contributors

How can I contribute to the project?

You can contribute by bringing along your items or telling your story at one of our open days.  You can also send digital copies of your memorabilia to us directly via our website.  Please visit the Egg Shed website to find out more.

What kind of things are we interested in?

We are interested in anything that tells the story of the Crinan Canal and Ardrishaig, its people and their history.  Items of interest range from photographs; objects; letters; posters and flyers; papers; oral histories; to video and audio – basically anything that helps us to understand the history of the Crinan Canal, Ardrishaig and the local community.

How will my items be used?

Your items will be used to create education and outreach resources on the history of Ardrishaig and the Crinan Canal, which could include exhibitions and displays at the Egg Shed.  For this reason, please ensure you only send us material that is suitable for this purpose and that you own the copyright to or have permission to share with us.

Will my items be returned to me?

We will make copies of items wherever possible and return originals to you.  However, if your item is especially interesting we may ask your permission to retain it for display at the Egg Shed.  All items retained for display will be returned after an agreed loan period as specified in a Loan Agreement.  Digital copies of items sent directly to us via our website will not be returned.

How do I find out more?

If you have a specific question about how to contribute to the project or would simply like to find out more, then please get in touch by emailing

Download the Deposit Agreement Form

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