Union Canal Resilience Improvements

Following a breach on the Union Canal near Linlithgow on 12th August 2020, Scottish Canals have prioritised a programme of works to build resilience into the Union Canal to protect this important historic monument and also withstand the consequences of climate change.

Several improvements will be undertaken on many assets along the Union Canal, including a numbers of weirs and culverts. In order to undertake the works for the improvement and upgrade of each weir, the towpath will have to be locally closed and the canal will have to be locally restricted to navigation by temporary dams which will allow dewatering of the canal around each weir.

In addition, we will also be undertaking channel clearance along sections of the Union Canal and there may be localised disruptions when clearance is ongoing.

Update 29th March 2021

Telemetry installation works begin this week along the Union Canal. These works will allow Scottish Canals staff to remotely monitor the canal water levels and will provide an alarm system to inform of any rapidly increasing or decreasing canal levels. This allows us to monitor flood events or canal levels reducing below acceptable levels, so that Scottish Canals can take timely and appropriate action.

A total of 15 telemetry sites will be installed across the canal between now and Friday 30th April 2021. Works will begin at Vellore Road Bridge, Greenbank Aqueduct and Brightons Weir, working along the canal. During the works, there may be localised towpath disruption as we work at a particular site, however the towpath will remain open to users. Please see the map below for the exact locations of the telemetry works.

Update 17 March 2021

Contractors will be onsite at Bantaskine Embankment no 89, Falkirk on Monday 22nd March 2021 to undertake embankment improvement and leakage arrest works.

On completion of Bantaskine they will relocate to Wilcoxholme embankment no 69, Linlithgow and then Linlithgow embankment no 70.

While there will be localised work equipment on site, all locations along the towpath will remain open. We ask that users take care when passing, and to liaise with towpath lookouts who will be on site to assist with safe passage.

22 January 2021

Below are links to the individual sections of the canal we will be working on. Information on any disruption dates and diversions will be shared here.

Woodcockdale Weir – 25th January to30th April

Glen Village Weir – 25th January to 30th April

Muiravonside Weir – works conducted as part of the Union Canal breach reinstatement with restrictions until 7th April. Towpath users please follow the Muiravonside breach diversion route.

Bonnington Weir – 8th March to 30th April

Holemill Weir – 22nd March to 30th April


This page will be updated as works progress.