Please stay local.

We have multiple measures in place to protect our customers, boaters, volunteers and staff, and encourage you to take into consideration how you can do the same to look after yourself and others.

The towpaths and public spaces remain open and accessible to use as they are important for transport purposes, provide access to boaters, and have multiple access points which are used by local communities across Scotland for leisure purposes. Please follow government guidelines when using towpaths, stay local (within 5 miles of your home) and keep 2m away from others where possible.

We urge you to act responsibly, do not gather in groups of more than two households (and up to a maximum of eight people) and keep a safe distance from moored boats and Scottish Canals staff at work.

At various points along the Scottish Canal towpath network, there are areas which are less than 2m wide and may run through popular and busy locations. Please limit usage of these sections and consider if there is an alternative route you can use to reduce congestion and numbers of towpath users.

Please remember our towpaths are shared spaces, please be mindful of others; look ahead, slow down, use your bell and take sensible steps to avoid breaking the guidelines.

Before you leave:

✔️Check the latest government guidelines

✔️Consider alternative routes that may give you access to wider paths especially if you are in a family group

✔️Try to avoid busy times if you can, its likely to be busiest early mornings, lunch times and early evenings.

Whilst on our canal towpaths:

Look ahead, and where possible move in to let people pass

Access points may get congested if they are busy hold back until its clear to enter

Avoid any stretches of the canal with boats moored against the towpath where possible, if you are passing a boat please keep as far away as possible

If the canal or public place you are visiting appears busy please do not add to the congestion

If you see a member of canal staff at work please maintain a 2m distance.

Be mindful of others and take all sensible steps to avoid breaking the guidelines.

When you get home:

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with hot soapy water.


For any other queries about Scottish Canals and COVID-19, please see our FAQs page.

Keep up to date with the latest NHS information on the NHS Inform page.

Please refer to Sustrans for more information on cycling.