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Gates Open


Opening ceremony


Local school children along with star athletes from the worlds’ of Parkour, BMX and Skateboarding open the show with a bang!

YUG Village


Live music gets underway at the Electric Honey stage! There will be bands playing throughout the day including: Frazzle, F9 Gambinoand Paque.

YUG Arena


Let the competition commence! Some of the best athletes from Scotland and beyond will compete alongside the best amateurs to be crowned YUG2018 champions in BMX and Skateboarding! 

Teams of Parkour athletes from all over will showcase their skills through time trials and tag team events.  Watch as they flip, roll, jump and spin their way through a game of tig!

Special lunch time performance


Don’t miss it!



Skateboarding and BMX semi-finals and finals begin.

Invited Parkour athletes hold an open jam session.

Now it’s your turn!


Members of the public age 7+ are invited to have a go at one of our sports – please ensure you register on arrival as spaces will be limited. There will be an morning and an afternoon registration open. 

Final performance


Watch on as our star athletes show off their skills!!!  

Prize Giving


Home Time


Our event closes at 5pm but check out the Glasgow Canal Festival if you aren’t ready to head home –there will be lots still happening by the canal.