At our organisation, we are proud to work alongside a diverse group of partners, both at a national and local level. Our mission is to support the sustainable conservation and transformation of the canals, and we believe that working together with the right people is the best way to achieve this goal.

By collaborating with communities and local educational centres, we aim to raise awareness about canals and provide opportunities for everyone to explore and contribute to the wellbeing of their local environment.


We understand the importance of working together to achieve our goals. That's why we collaborate closely with other national agencies, charities, and specialist organisations to maximise the public benefits that Scottish canals can offer.

Each of our canals has its unique personality, and we recognise that their local partners and projects should reflect the canals' needs, environment, and communities. Read on to learn more about our partnerships and how we work together to achieve sustainable conservation and transformation of the Scottish canals.

National Partners

Local Partners


Scottish Canals has been involved in different education programmes, from teaching kids how to behave safely by the waterways, to addressing unemployment among young people. We have provided both funding and staff to help train the students.

In the past we engaged with primary school children to educate and inform of the dangers of Scotland’s canals, and to encourage children to enjoy the canals responsibly. Here are some resources:


#CanalCareful Schools Resources

Health and Wellbeing

Here are articles that we help our community for their Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing articles


Speirs Lock Creative Quarter is a new and evolving cultural hub on the banks of the Forth & Clyde Canal in North Glasgow.

Speirs Lock Creative Quarter

Canal Societies and Social Enterprises

We also work with a range of canal societies and social enterprises at a local level to ensure communities are involved in the sustainable conservation and transformation of their canals.

Canal Societies and Social Enterprises