Report a navigation or boating issue

If you see anything on the canal network which is or could impact canal navigation, please contact the relevant waterway office.  This may include a vessel at risk or which appears neglected or damaged, or a vessel which is listing or taking on water. 

Report an issue about water levels, flooding or canal leak

It is usual for the canal water levels to go up and down, our waterway managers check water levels daily and will respond accordingly.

Our canals are old and do leak in some parts. If the water coming out is more than usual, please let our asset inspections team know by emailing with details of the location and issue.

In the event of flooding please use our emergency contact number 0800 072 9900

Report pollution on land or water including oil spills

Please contact 0141 332 6936 Monday to Thursday 8.30am-5pm and Friday 8.30am -4.30pm. 

Out with these times if it is an immediate threat to the environment, wildlife or person please call our emergency contact number 0800 072 9900. To report a general incident please email

Report an animal in danger

If you see an animal in danger or which appears to be injured please call the SSPCA animal helpline immediately on 03000 999 999. Their helpline is open 365 days of the year 7am – 9pm.

Report an issue such as graffiti, fallen tree and littering

Please email with details of the location and the issue to be dealt with. Unfortunately we can’t respond to every report of litter, overgrown trees and graffiti, we prioritise incidents which impact canal usage and health and safety as a priority. All other issues are added to our works or our volunteer programme to be dealt with as resource allows.

Report fly tipping, quadbikes on the towpath and other anti-social behaviours

If you spot something unlawful taking place on Scottish Canals land or property please call the police on 101 – our staff do not have authority to deal with these issues.

In an emergency always dial 999 – when a life is in danger, a crime is in progress or a suspect is nearby.

Report a fault with electricity, water or customer facilities

To report a fault with shoreside power, electricity or other customer facilities. 

Faults discovered during working hours (Mon-Fri 0830-1700) and non-urgent faults out with working hours should be reported to the relevant customer service telephone number or local office - HERE 

When reporting any faults or issues, please ensure you include the exact location (What3Words), type of mooring, name of boat (if appropriate), and if the fault relates to electricity, water, customer facility, washing machine, shower etc. 


Where faults occur out with business hours, and may pose a risk of harm to property the environment or a person, customers should contact our out of hours call handlers on 0800 072 9900. 

Details will be recorded passed on to the relevant duty officer / engineer, who will prioritise and respond as necessary.

Please note, that this does not mean that the issue will be resolved by the officer/engineer. 

In an emergency - when a life is in danger, a crime is in progress, or a suspect is nearby always dial 999