Caledonian Canal

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Caledonian Canal

Experience the 60-mile Caledonian Canal as it cuts through the spectacular Great Glen. Find out about boat trips, activities, holidays, attractions and lots more!

Crinan Canal

Take a trip along Crinan Canal, Britain's most beautiful shortcut. Soak up the views and find activities and holidays to suit you.

Forth & Clyde Canal

Opened in 1790, Forth & Clyde Canal is a delightful waterway in central Scotland. Discover activity providers, holidays, local things to do and lots more!

Union Canal

Union Canal is a route to remember, from the iconic Falkirk Wheel to the historic heart of Scotland's capital city. Discover boat trips, inspiring trails and amazing heritage.

Monkland Canal

The Monkland's history is a fascinating tale of early industrialisation, driven by 18th-century Glasgow entrepreneurs. Discover how it fared as rail and road transport developed and see what is left of it today.

Activities on the canals

If you enjoy boating, walking, and water-sports, the Scotland's canals have so much to offer. From paddling to boat excursions, there is lots to see and do.

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Canal holidays

A canal holiday allows you to journey through the country, taking in the landscape and hearing some of the stories of Scotland's past as you go. Or you might choose a canalside cottage as a base for exploring the canals on foot or by bike.

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Swimming and wild camping

Are you planning on swimming or wild camping in the area of the Scottish canals? To ensure you have a safe and enjoyable visit, please have a look at our policies or contact us for more information.