The dummy lock in the Crinan Canal basin is currently fenced off, with no pedestrian access across the lock.

The first phase of repair works was carried out to a leak at Crinan dummy lock during the 2023/24 planned winter works programme on the canal. We intend to return to complete the second phase of repair works at the dummy lock next winter (2024/25). Our team are assessing the repair options; they will then need to complete any required regulatory permissions process. In the meantime, some of the reinstated surfaces around the sea lock and dummy lock are temporary, not the finished surface. 

Unfortunately, we cannot provide safe access over the dummy lock until the second phase of work is complete, so this access route remains fenced off.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause – access remains via the lock 14 gates, as signed on the ground, and the aerial photo below shows routes in green for accessing the towpath from the Crinan Hotel, the Coffee Shop, and the basin car park.

The second phase of works is not anticipated to require a canal closure. We’ll share more information about this as plans and regulatory permissions progress.


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Crinan dummy lock
Crinan Canal

Affected dates and times

There is currently no pedestrian access over the dummy lock; we intend to complete the second phase of repair works next winter (2024/25)

Accessing the towpath from the Crinan Hotel, the Crinan Coffee Shop, and Crinan Basin car park