Glasgow has joined 14 cities across the globe including New York, Milan and Brussels to enter a global design competition which could see the cities’ canal corridor transformation continue.  

Reinventing Cities, C40’s global design competition for professionals, launched its fourth edition on Thursday 15 February.  Scottish Canals sites at Applecross, submitted with the support of Glasgow City Council, takes their place amongst other offers from around the world.   

The competition aims to transform underutilised urban sites into innovative, zero-carbon and resilient projects. Creative professionals worldwide—including architects, planners, developers, investors, environmentalists and start-ups are invited to design and develop urban projects of the future. 

Scottish Canals CEO John Paterson said: “We are excited to be given this opportunity to take part in the C40 Cities’ Reinventing Cities competition. Our vision is to create ‘better lives by water’, the successful regeneration of North Glasgow has made great strides in achieving this goal, creating new blue and green spaces, connecting communities, improving people’s health and unlocking land for redevelopment but the job is not done. It is important that we continue to revitalise Glasgow’s canal corridor through resilient developments that are zero carbon and look forward to seeing some of the unique entries this competition brings.”  

Two areas for development around Scottish Canals’ Head Office at Applecross Street, Hamiltonhill, Glasgow, have been submitted with the project presenting an opportunity to unlock the potential of the canal to create a further vibrant neighbourhood for people to live, work and visit. Submitted proposals will utilise the existing heritage buildings in a vibrant way and it is envisaged that proposals will be received for a sustainable mixed-use development, with active ground floors, focused on resilience, nature conservation and creation of mixed services and housing for the community.  

Councillor Susan Aitken, Leader of Glasgow City Council, said: “The regeneration of Glasgow’s Forth & Clyde Canal has been truly transformational, delivering economic, environmental and social benefits in the shape of new workplaces, homes, cultural and leisure facilities, green and public space, a world-class surface water management system and better connections for active travel that has reactivated what was a largely forgotten part of the city.  The development of the Applecross site will mark the next stage in the regeneration in a quarter of Glasgow that is an exemplar of how urban development can help us achieve Net Zero.” 

Speaking of the competition announcement Mark Watts C40’s Executive Director said: “We are excited that Glasgow is joining our fourth Reinventing Cities edition, alongside 14 other global cities! The Reinventing Cities competition has inspired exactly the inventive collaboration we need to combat the climate crisis – from the skills and creativity of architects, artists, environmentalists and entrepreneurs. The creation of new and exciting, zero-carbon developments in cities not only reduces carbon emissions from construction, but also builds the resilient urban environments we need to cope with rising temperatures and more extreme climate events. Reinventing Cities is more than an innovative competition – it is providing vital solutions to build the urban future we want."

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