British Waterways trading as Scottish Canals (SC) runs waiting lists for each mooring site that we manage. 

A list of mooring sites is available on our website - https://www.scottishcanals.co.uk/boating/licenses-moorings/long-term-moorings-and-licences  

Please note that we only run waiting lists for SC mooring sites, and not those operated by other companies.

We can accept names on a waiting list for a maximum number of SC sites per canal as set out in the terms and conditions below. You cannot give your place on a waiting list to anyone else, but you may change your boat, provided you tell us in writing. 

You may also change any of your chosen mooring sites by withdrawing your interest from a site waiting list in writing and making a fresh application. You may make an application even if you do not own a boat.

Waiting lists are ordered by date of application and offers will generally be made on a ‘next on the list’ basis. 

If you accept an offer from us, the mooring fee is payable even if you do not move your boat to the site by the agreed start date. 

We will make a maximum number of offers per waterway unit. 

If you decline all offers, we will be unable to retain your place on the waiting list for that particular canal but you are welcome to reapply.

The terms and conditions of our waiting lists for mooring sites managed by us are set out below and take effect from 1st June 2022. 

If you have any queries, please contact the Moorings Team.



‘Boat(s)’ means the boat(s) or vessel(s) named in the Waiting List Application Form(s) and/or Mooring Permit Application Form(s) or one that is substituted for it with our prior written consent (which will be subject to the suitability of the mooring).

‘Scottish Canals, SC, we, us, our’, means British Waterways trading as Scottish Canals, its successors and assignees and any of its employees or other persons authorised by British Waterways to act for it.

‘Mooring’ means the water space at the mooring site temporarily allocated to you from time to time by us for the mooring of the boat during the period of this agreement.

‘Mooring Site’ includes the mooring and land and water adjacent to the mooring that is in our ownership or control.

Waiting Lists for Scottish Canals’ Leisure Mooring Sites 1st June 2022 Page 2 of 3

‘Owner, you, your, yours’ means the person(s) or entity named as owner in the Moorings Enquiry Form(s) and Mooring Permit Application Form(s) and includes an employee of the owner or a person in charge of the boat with the owner’s permission.

1. You can make an application for your boat to be on the waiting list for a maximum of three sites for the Caledonian and Forth & Clyde canals and two sites for the Crinan and Union canals. You may make applications to more than one Scottish canal. Your positions on each mooring site waiting list are independent of each other.

2. If you wish to make an application for more than one boat, you must make a different application for each boat.

3. The waiting list entry will be dated the same day that we receive your completed Moorings Enquiry Form/Application.

4. We reserve the right to refuse applications for live-aboards on non-residential berths. Anyone wishing to live aboard their boat must apply for a residential mooring.

5. When a mooring becomes available, we will generally offer you the mooring on a ‘next on the list’ basis but we reserve the right to exercise our discretion, depending on the circumstances, for example:

(a) smaller boats at the lower end of the waiting list may be allocated before larger boats depending on the size of the mooring available;

(b) we may need to give priority to boats requiring relocation from other Scottish Canals mooring sites;

(c) the condition of the boat at the time of the offer may be unsuitable for the mooring site;

(d) for health and safety reasons; or

(e) for operational reasons.

6. Once we make you an offer of a mooring you have 14 days to accept or decline. If you wish to accept our offer you must do so in writing. When accepting an offer, you have a further 14 days from the date of acceptance to return a completed Mooring Permit Application Form with payment/payment terms. Mooring fees apply from the agreed start date and not when you move your boat to the mooring.

7. When you accept our offer of a mooring, it can only be allocated to the person whose name is on the waiting list. The mooring is not transferable.

8. Any offer we make is conditional on you having a valid Navigation Licence for the boat before it is moved to the mooring.

9. If you do not accept our offer within the 14-day time limit our offer will lapse and we will offer the mooring to another person on the list. For the avoidance of doubt, the following actions will be treated as declining/refusing our offer:

(a) you fail to respond to our offer within the time limit, or

(b) you fail to return the completed Mooring Permit Application Form and payment within the time limit, or

(c) you return an incomplete Mooring Permit Application Form within the time limit

10. A maximum number of offers of a suitable mooring will be made to you (for each boat) for a particular Scottish canal, which may be on the same or on different mooring sites. This is limited to a maximum of three offers for the Caledonian and Forth & Clyde canals and a maximum of two offers for the Crinan and Union canals.

Waiting Lists for Scottish Canals’ Leisure Mooring Sites 1st June 2022 Page 3 of 3

11. If you decline/refuse the maximum number of offers from a particular Scottish canal (as stated in section 10 above), your name will be removed from all waiting lists for that canal.

12. The positions of your name on the waiting lists are not transferable to anyone else. If your boat changes, you must notify us in writing. We will substitute the new boat for the old boat in the same positions on the lists. The new boat must first be registered in your name before we make the substitution.

13. You must notify the relevant waterway unit in writing if you need to change any of the details of your application, such as home address or boat details.

14. If a mooring site is separated into more than one section (e.g. linear and pontoons) and your requirement is for only one of these, you must make this clear on the Waiting List Application Form so that you do not need to decline/refuse an offer because the mooring is unsuitable.

15. From time to time we may contact you to confirm your continued interest in the mooring sites. If you do not respond within 28 days, we will assume that that you are no longer interested and we will remove your name from all our waiting lists. No reminders will be issued after our first contact.

16. If you are on our waiting lists but wish to change any of your chosen sites, you must withdraw your interest in the sites you no longer want in writing and make a new application for your new mooring site preferences. For the avoidance of doubt, you will lose your position on the waiting lists from which you have withdrawn your interest and be allocated new positions for your new mooring site preferences.

17. You must be 18 years or over to make an application.