Explore the canals like never before. Our network has the only magnet fishing agreement in the United Kingdom. Whether you are looking to try something new or play your part in keeping the canals clean, magnet fishing along our network will offer an alternative to standard fishing.

If you’re planning to magnet fish on Scotland’s canal network, you must have:

  • Scheduled Monument Consent from Historic Environment Scotland
  • Permission from Scottish Canals, as the landowners.


Scheduled Monument Consent

You can get Scheduled Monument Consent in one of two ways: either by joining Official Magnet Fishing Scotland or by applying directly to Historic Environment Scotland.

Official Magnet Fishing Scotland already has Scheduled Monument Consent from Historic Environment Scotland. This covers their members, so by joining you can take part in the activity as an individual or part of a group. Official Magnet Fishing Scotland currently has consent to magnet fish between Leamington Lift Bridge and Hermiston Aqueduct on the Union Canal. It’s also applying for consents to cover areas of the Forth & Clyde and Caledonian Canals. You can join Official Magnet Fishing Scotland by emailing officialmagnetfishingscotland@gmail.com or joining their Facebook group here.

If you don’t want to join Official Magnet Fishing Scotland, you can apply directly to Historic Environment Scotland for Scheduled Monument Consent, either as an individual or a group. When submitting your application, you must apply for specific areas of the canal network. Applications can take up to two months to be reviewed. You can read more about applying here. If you have any further questions, you can contact Historic Environment Scotland on hmenquiries@hes.scot


Landowner’s permission

As well as getting Scheduled Monument Consent, you’ll also need to contact Scottish Canals, as the landowner, and tell us where you would like to magnet fish. You can contact us at enquiries@scottishcanals.co.uk.


Magnet fishing without consent

Scheduled Monument Consent is a legal requirement for magnet fishing on Scotland’s canals. Magnet fishing without this consent would be viewed as unauthorised work on a scheduled monument by Historic Environment Scotland and could lead to fines of up to £50,000. You can read more about this here on Historic Environment Scotland’s website. Should you have any queries about Scheduled Monument Consent you can contact Historic Environment Scotland on hmenquiries@hes.scot.

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You can view our frequently asked questions on magnet fishing below.

Magnet fishing leaflet

The leaflet below contains information on magnet fishing in Scheduled Canals and protected waters