Bowling Harbour

Estuary information:

  • Vessels intending to proceed to or from Bowling Harbour via the River Clyde are required to contact Estuary
    Control (VHF Ch 12 or 01475 726221).
  • Clydeport’s Marine Leisure Guide (free from marinas etc) contains comprehensive information. Arriving from
    seaward: Contact Estuary Control (EC) prior to arrival at No 1 River Buoy off Greenock Container Terminal.
    Arriving from any other location on the River Clyde east of No 1 buoy (ie between Greenock and Glasgow):
    Contact EC before leaving your berth or before entering the River Clyde Channel.
    Departing Bowling Harbour: Contact EC prior to departure.
  • Keep to the buoyed Clyde navigation channel, and maintain a look-out for shipping.
  • Monitor VHF Ch12
  • Charts: Admiralty Chart 2007 and /or Imray Chart C63. Pilots: CCC Firth of Clyde Sailing Directions; Imray
    Yachtsman’s Pilot - Clyde to Colonsay

Bowling information:

  • Radio: VHF Ch 16/74 “Bowling Basin” during sealock opening hours 2h-HW-h2 only. Otherwise telephone: 01389
    877969. Locking should be booked in advance.
  • The western part of Bowling harbour is hazardous due to a large number of unmarked wrecks. The eastern part
    has been cleared (see diagram).
  • Follow lock keepers instructions when entering lock, normally mooring on the port side. Two long warps and 3-4
    fenders will be needed. A canvas sheet between the fenders and the hull will help reduce scuffing. SC staff will
    operate the lock.
  • SC operated mast crane available at Bowling. Boat crew must carry out all mast work.
  • Boat safety checks will be carried out at the Sea Lock prior to entry.