Scottish Canals has today launched its Corporate Plan for 2023-28, which sets the vision for the organisation over the next five years. 

For the first time in Scottish Canals’ history the plan has been guided by the public through consultation. 

As leaders in managing inland waterways, Scottish Canals will prioritise the sustainable use of canals and canalside land and properties for health and wellbeing, boating and recreation, active travel, tourism and economic development, all against the need to balance  our budgets, whilst ensuring the delivery of best value for the people of Scotland.. 

Scotland’s canals remain very relevant to Scotland’s communities and visitors and over the next five years Scottish Canals’ new vision will create vibrant canals, for people, heritage and nature. In doing so we will continue to invest in the country’s canals to preserve them whilst generating lasting benefit for people and communities. 

Four main themes will steer the strategy: “explore and experience”, “places and spaces”, “canals for the future” and “people and business.”. 

John Paterson, Chief Executive of Scottish Canals said: “I am delighted to launch our Corporate Plan 2023-28. It is important that our plan incorporated views from those at the heart of our canals; our boaters, walkers, cyclists and our own staff, and through consultation we were able to reflect this in our five-year strategy. 

“Scotland’s canals continue to provide vibrant places to live, work, visit and play contributing to our health, wellbeing and quality of life. We will continue to work with communities and partners to support and encourage healthier and more active lives. 

“It takes a special dedicated and skilled team to deliver the wide range of activities and projects that we do, and our plan will set out how we will continue to prioritise safety, learning and wellbeing so we can develop as a team and deliver our best.” 

The new strategy illustrates how Scottish Canals will not only undertake  our core statutory duties (as set out in the Transport Act of 1962 and 1968), but how we will continue to contribute positively to the Scottish Government’s National Outcomes, through making the most of Scotland’s canals. 

Details of the Corporate Plan 2023/28 can be found here.